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Cherry Ridge Retreat combines the privacy and beauty of a woodland paradise with the comforts and amenities of a custom-designed vacation destination.

Situated on 140 forested acres, the retreat is set apart from the many other cabin businesses in the Hocking Hills in that it provides everything you need for your getaway. Want to relax with a good book in a hammock? Interested in hiking miles of trails and exploring the area’s flora and fauna? Maybe you want to whittle away the hours fishing in a serene pond? You can do all of this – and more – without ever leaving the retreat grounds.

Founder Greg Georgia bought the property 25 years ago, and while he’s still involved, his stepson Keith Mondal now runs the business. To create this ideal getaway for couples, groups of friends and families, Georgia spent years researching and exploring the acreage, carving out trails, developing four ponds and situating cabins on unique plots on the property to ensure perfect views with absolute privacy.

“What has always motivated me,” Georgia says, “is what would I want if I was staying here? At the top of my list: I want it to be private and secluded. Beyond that, make everything first class. What we have is extraordinarily special. How many cabins in Hocking Hills have water features, gazebos and miles of trails through the woods?!”