Everyone has a story to tell, and we’d like to share the stories of our guests of our Hocking Hills vacation retreat with you.

Amazing! We had no idea there was anything this nice in Hocking Hills. Your web site made our decision to come an easy one and now that we are concluding our first visit, I am certain we will return again and again.

Steve and Angie, Dayton, OH

We’ve only been here 3 nights and I’m already calling your cottage our home. If I could build my own special getaway – this would be it! I wouldn’t change a thing. We’ll be back in the winter, I’ll bet it’s amazing!

Tom and Linda, Columbus, OH

My fiancé and I planned this trip to check out Cherry Ridge and 6 other possibilities for our honeymoon next fall. This will be our 2nd time around and we’ve decided to stay close to home (Pittsburgh) so that it will be practical to return every anniversary. Like every couple, we want it to be perfect. Well …this is our 4’th night at CRR. We are sitting on our porch enjoying both a good bottle of wine and the most magnificent view. I have a couple of steaks cooking on a grill that is twice as nice as mine and I’m chuckling as I write this – The “other possibilities” weren’t even close. See you next Fall.

Jim and Myra, Pittsburgh, PA

Your web site is great. Every question we had or should have had was answered in your Why Stay With Us section. We actually didn’t feel like we were taking a leap of faith when we booked. And now that we are here it is actually better than promised by a long shot. Can’t wait to return.

Les and Cindy, Akron, OH

My husband and I are retired and spend a great deal of time traveling. We try to stay at nice places and when we mentioned to friends that we were thinking of Hocking Hills for Thanksgiving we were told to be very careful in choosing a place to stay. Our visit to Cherry Ridge has been nothing short of our best lodging experience ever. We are amazed that something this nice is available to rent. Expect to see us regularly.

Jim and Ann, Columbus, OH

We booked a 3 night stay at another establishment whose web site boasted of a rustic cabin on 5 private acres and I quote “the ultimate in privacy and seclusion”. We arrived to find our cabin on a, busier than we would have liked, township road, with the 5 private acres behind us and the owners home right next door. And, what looked like and was described as rustic, turned out to be drab and dated. We checked out after 1 night and here we are. You were actually our first pick but slightly more expensive. I guess you get what you pay for and with Cherry Ridge you get a lot more. Thank you for this very special place.

Jessie and Sue, Akron, OH

We love coming to Hocking Hills but just have never been able to find the perfect place to stay. Each trip has been preceded by hours at the computer looking at web site after web site. Unfortunately for us we sort of feel as though we have been foiled in one way or another at each of our visits. This year we tried something different – we independently researched where to stay and each of us came up with a top 5 list. Guess whose name was at the top of each list? Thank you for all of the countless hours I won’t have to spend in the future looking for the perfect place.

Rich and Cindy, Toledo, OH

I feel compelled to offer some helpful advice to other discriminating travelers. My wife and I rely to a degree on guest comments when trying to decide where to stay. And for what it’s worth, everything you have read, seen or heard about Cherry Ridge Retreat is only better once you get here. Our cottage is a small, wonderfully furnished home with tasteful attention to every detail. This is the gold standard by which everything else should be measured against. Congratulations and thank you for this gift.

Greg and Cindy, Farmington Hills, MI

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