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4 Breweries You Must Try in Hocking Hills, OH | Cherry Ridge Retreat

By January 19, 2018January 28th, 2021No Comments
breweries in hocking hills

You often hear the terms microbrewery, craft brewery, and brewpub, especially in the context of a place for friends to gather. But what exactly do the terms mean? A microbrewery or craft brewery is an independently owned brewery that produces beer in much smaller quantities than large-scale corporate breweries. And just as the name suggests, a brewpub is a pub (public-house) that brews its own beer for sale on the premises.

The concept has certainly grown. For example, in 1979, only 89 breweries existed in the United States. By 2015, the number had grown to over 4,000. So, what makes them so special? Unlike mass-market breweries, which focus on low prices and advertising, microbreweries offer products based on quality, taste, and diversity, which results in new, unique, and superior beers.

In Hocking Hills, OH there are several breweries to choose from. Here are 4 located within 40 minutes of Cherry Ridge Retreat that are worth trying.

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery

40 min. from Cherry Ridge Retreat

Brewing in Athens, Ohio since 2005, this uptown brewpub and public house offer 38 signature draft beers. With a taproom, brewpub, bakery, and farm, Jackie O’s offers more than just beer. They offer tastings, fresh breads and pizza dough, a light menu for dining in the taproom, and tours of the production brewery as well as the 20+ acre farm, where they grow their own resources for producing quality beer and food.

Devil’s Kettle Brewing

40 min. from Cherry Ridge Retreat

Located in Athens, Ohio, Devil’s Kettle Brewing opened their microbrewery in 2015. Brewmaster Cameron Fuller grew up around winemaking, but during college, his interest shifted towards beer. With a passion for craft beers, which he could scarcely afford, he decided to teach himself how to make his own. For the next 8 years, Fuller focused on perfecting his craft. After entering several of his beers in the Ohio Brew Week homebrew competition in 2013, Fuller not only won the most medals, but he took Best in Show. After a few years of preparation and hard work, he opened Devil’s Kettle Brewing, offering a world class brew system, a beautiful taproom and room to grow.

Little Fish Brewing Co.

33 min. from Cherry Ridge Retreat

Independently owned. Award-winning. Solar and wind power generated electricity. Locally sourced ingredients. Little Fish brews world class beer while sustainably supporting the local economy. They offer saisons and barrel-aged sours as well as hop-forward pale ales and subtly crafter lagers. Awards include the 2016 World Beery Cup Gold Award in the Belgian- and French-style Ale category.

Rockmill Brewery

46 min. from Cherry Ridge Retreat

This unique brewery, inspired by farms and Belgium, offers a cozy, home-like environment with lots of windows and crackling fireplaces. With a focus on quality over quantity, their Belgian-style ales are very drinkable. And with their very accommodating staff and a strict “Bring Your Own Food” policy, Rockmill Brewery makes you feel quite at home. Stop by Katzinger’s Deli in German Village on the way for a cheese plate that pairs with all their brews.

So, don’t delay. Head to Hocking Hills, try some new brews and then purchase your favorites. Bring them back to Cherry Ridge for a peaceful and relaxing experience. Just imagine yourself drinking a delicious cold beer around a warm fire in one of our adult-only luxurious cabins. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan your much-needed getaway.