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Holiday Shopping in Hocking Hills | Cherry Ridge Retreat

By November 26, 2019May 4th, 2022No Comments
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Holiday season is kicking off and well on its way to hitting full swing. What better way to prepare than a visit to some unique, local shops while staying at Cherry Ridge Retreat? 

We know that getting everything done in one day can be a challenge, so we’re here to provide a few tips to set you in the right direction. With a jump-start to your Holiday shopping, you can feel the accomplishment that comes with checking everyone off your list early this year!

November is still a largely busy time for Hocking Hills. With many folks eager to shop the local merchants, a little pre-planning can go a long way.

Best Shopping Stops in Hocking Hills

When it comes to unique gift ideas, Hocking Hills has no shortage. From antique mallin’ it up to booking a seat at an art-inspired easel, you can rest assured that there is a little something for everyone in Hocking Hills. 


Logan Antique Mall offers a wide array of timeless classics! From Coca-Cola collector’s items to fine China and repurposed items to various tools and toys, you are sure to enjoy the antique selection here at Cherry Ridge. 


No automobiles are harmed in the fine art of wheel-throwing! Each week, Two Broke Artists offer a class to try your hand at the pottery wheel. With professional instruction, you’ll feel like a regular Demi Moore, without the whole being haunted thing. You can also book a seat at an easel to design some “little happy trees.” 


Hocking Hills even has a fruit farm that is open until December! If you like fresh, quality apples and cider (Who doesn’t, right?), then it is the perfect holiday pit stop as you shop. Peaches, cherries, and plums also grace the stands at this Pike St. attraction. 


For a stress-free visit, a stop to one of the local grocers can help equip your stay with the comforts of home. Hocking Hills offers anything from takeaway options of wine and beer to a gift shop/deli hybrid at Grandma Faye’s. There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal! 


High-quality footwear with a unique stop to eat is packaged in the Rocky Boots Outlet. From kid’s boots to men and women’s boots, there is something for the whole troupe. And, if in need of “that something special” to wear for family pictures at Old Man’s Cave, a stop into Sharff’s Fashions is there to assist.  

Annual Holiday Treasure Hunt

With a spring in your step and an eye for hidden gems, there is an opportunity for a little added fun while you’re at it! With the Annual Holiday Treasure Hunt, you are encouraged to collect stamps at local stores throughout the area. With a quick stop into just six of the over two dozen stores taking part, you will be eligible for the grand prize drawing. What’s the grand prize, you ask? Why it’s a relaxing weekend getaway for 4 at Hocking Hills!

For additional information and participating merchants, check the link at Explore Hocking Hills.

Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center

One of the more popular destinations in Hocking Hills is Old Man’s Cave. Boasting picturesque waterfalls, moss-covered stone steps and beautiful bridges, it’s a wonder to the eye. With a brand new visitor’s center that is more than double the size of the previous build, it is a place to help plan your time on the trails and educate all on preserving and protecting Hocking Hills. 

No matter your plotted course through the land of one-of-a-kind trails, treats and treasures, the kids may still be asking, “What did you get me?” when you return home from your weekend away. Cherry Ridge Retreat is happy to swoop in and save you from the question! Before checking out from your stay, be sure to pick up one of our $20 handcrafted mugs. It’s a win-win! The kids get their new favorite hot chocolate cup, and you get to forever reminisce your time here. 

No matter your course, there are so many unique gift options for the holidays. We know you’ll find just the right thing here in Hocking Hills!