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Unplugged Vacation: End of Summer Reset | Cherry Ridge Retreat

By August 20, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments
Observatory Cabin at Cherry Ridge Retreat

Summer has flown by, and just like that, you realize how busy you have been and how little you have actually relaxed. Your day-to-day life has snuck up on you, and the constant connection to work, appointments, soccer practices, and dinner dates has left you feeling drained. If you find yourself feeling those stressed out end-of-summer blues, it might be time for a tech-free vacation. 

What are the Benefits of Unplugging?

An unplugged getaway focuses on one main task: Disconnecting you from the technologies that can cause stress. So, put that cell phone down, leave your laptop at home, and spend time with the ones you care about. Our calendars and to-do lists keep us focused on what’s coming down the pipeline – not on what is right in front of us. An unplugged getaway allows you to carve out some time to live in the present moment, to savor the simple experiences, and to give your brain a much needed break. 

Unplugged at Cherry Ridge Retreat

When you find yourself in need of an unplugged vacation, there is no better place than Cherry Ridge Retreat. Nestled in the scenic landscape of southeastern Ohio, Cherry Ridge Retreat boasts over 140 acres of privacy and seclusion, with each cabin located discreetly into the natural surroundings. You can enjoy a leisurely hike on one of the property’s trails, try your hand at fishing in one of the expertly maintained ponds, or simply enjoy a long soak in your own private hot tub. 

Cell phone service can be a bit spotty, but we like to think of that as a welcome invitation to take a break from your social media (but don’t worry, each cabin is equipped with a landline should you need to make any local calls). Wi-Fi is also available in every cabin; however, if you are hoping to fully embrace a tech-free getaway, simply book your cabin without that option and let your ears enjoy the sounds of local wildlife (instead of your inbox notifications). 

Additionally, with all the nearby outdoor attractions, local wineries, and delicious restaurants, there are plenty of ways to create lasting memories with your loved ones. You may even forget about your Facebook messages and Instagram posts when you are out exploring mysterious caves, observing local wildlife, or kayaking down the Hocking River!

Whatever you decide to do, your cozy cabin will be waiting to welcome you back for an evening around the fire or a long night’s rest. Life can be hectic in our tech-centered world, but a pampering reset is always available. Book your unplugged vacation today to reap the benefits.