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Whats Happening in Hocking Hills | Cherry Ridge Retreat

By July 12, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments
Luna Moth resting on a sign for the Boat House Luxury Romantic Cabin

Things to do in Hocking Hills:

Summertime in Ohio is a beautiful time, especially when you’re fortunate enough to be in the beautiful Hocking Hills.  Wildflowers growing along the roadways, butterflies fluttering around, spotted fawns starting to explore. And best of all, all of these signs of summer and more can be spotted by simply taking a hike at any of the multiple state parks in the area, or if you’re one of our guests, you have access to over 5+ miles of on property hiking trails! No matter where you are, just be sure to take advantage of this beautiful time of year and go exploring!

Now let us explore a little further out from the natural sites and lets get down to some activities and things to do in Hocking Hills!

This week:

Guided Butterfly Hikes

Thursday-Wednesday. 1 and 3pm

Head over to the Butterfly Ridge Conservation Center in Rockbridge. Enjoy a guided hike and tour of the property and learn some tips on what to plant and do to attract more butterflies to your own yard! The price is $5 per person, no registration required! Tours are available daily from Thursday-Monday at 1 and 3pm.


Hungry Hummers at Lake Hope!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 1pm

Make sure you take the time to stop over at Lake Hope State Park for a chance to feed our local hummingbirds right from your hand! The nature center provides small tubes of sugar water, simply hold them up, stay still and quiet and if you’re lucky one of these tiny fluttering beauties may fly right over for feeding time! There is also the main hummingbird feeders that are always up, so you can enjoy the sites of these buzzing little beauties as they fly in their natural environment!



Friday 10-6pm, Saturday 10-4pm, Sunday 10-4pm

This yearly event is the perfect activity for garden lovers and art fans! Located in Rockbridge, this festival will feature more than 70 artists and craftspeople, and you will have the chance to see live demonstrations and purchase any number of exciting and fun creations. There will also be numerous plants, flowers and saplings for sale, plus experts are available to answer any question and give tips and tricks to ensure your plants thrive! Come out and smell the flowers at this years Lilyfest!


Romantic Moonlight Canoe Trip

Saturday. 7pm

Enjoy the quiet peace of the Hocking river at nightfall. Let yourself enjoy the croaking of the frogs and ever present ringing chirp of the crickets and grasshoppers while you enjoy a romantic night out in Hocking Hills. Live music will be featured after the trip, with a bonfire and s’mores and -best of all!- Wine will be provided! Check out Hocking Hills Adventures for more information! Cost is $45 per person.


Saturday Night Lights at Butterfly Ridge Conservatory Center

Saturday 9pm-12pm

While butterflies are certainly the go to symbol for summertime outdoors, why not head over to the Butterfly Ridge Conservation Center to learn all about the butterfly’s night time equivalent, the Moth! The Conservatory center utilizes mercury vapor and ultraviolet lights to attract moths to the area, and you have the chance to see and learn about the many gorgeous species that thrive in the Hocking Hills! Just $5 admission and a 30 minute drive from your CRR cabin!


That’s that for this week! Check back soon to find for activities to do in Hocking Hills!