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What’s Happening in Hocking Hills (January 27th-February 8th) | Cherry Ridge Retreat

By January 28, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
Snowy scenery surrounds the Cherry Ridge Retreat driveway sunrise in background

Already we’ve made it half way through winter and we’ve managed to miss the worse of what Mother Nature has to offer us. But then again, a mild winter means a winter all the easier to hike through! Enjoy the warmer than average temps, get out and explore the gorgeous view that Hocking Hills has to offer! Some basic winter hiking tips:

-Watch for Ice! Slippery rocks get even more slippery when iced over, so always be sure to exercise caution.
-Dress in layers! Once you start your hike you’re likely to warm up, so make sure that you’ve got multiple layers that you can remove or add back on.
-Hike with a friend! While this is always good advice, it’s even more important when hiking in more hazardous weather. If you do slip on an icy rock, you want to make sure to have someone along to get help.

Now that we’ve got our basic Winter Hike Safety points addressed, lets see what else there is to do these next few weeks in Hocking Hills!

What’s Happening in Hocking Hills…


Friday, February 31st (Live Music Fridays!)

Live Music at Hocking Hills Winery 6-9pm
Hocking Hills Winery

Stop on over at Hocking Hills Winery to kick back and enjoy some wine and live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Try out Hocking Hills Winery’s Award winning Riesling, or create your own wine sampler. Tours of the vineyards are available upon request, and appetizers can be ordered as well.

Live Music at Brewery 33 4-7pm
Brewery 33

If wine isn’t quite your cup of tea, stop on over to Brewery 33 in Logan to get your craft brew and music fix! Live music from 4-7pm on Fridays. While you’re there enjoying the music, make sure to sample some of the craft beer selection, brewed in-house! Ask about their ever changing ‘experimental brew’. Snacks are available at the bar, or order Hungry Buffalo delivery, delivered right to Brewery 33!

Friday, January 31st 6pm
Historic Lantern Tour of Ash Cave

Ash cave is one of Hocking Hills’ most stunning and gorgeous features, hiked by hundreds of visitors each day. But have you ever seen it at night? Join us at the Ash Cave parking light at 6pm to experience Ash Cave like you never have before, by illuminated only by the light of lanterns! While on the hike you will learn all about the mysterious history of Ash Cave and it’s unique formation. Lanterns will be provided!

Sunday, February 1st 1pm-3pm
Arm Knitting at Homegrown on Main

After the huge success of their last Arm Knitting event, Homegrown on Main is offering a second helping! Join in and learn the craze that has been taking the internet by storm, Arm Knitting! Create cozy and fluffy cowl or scarf, with fun over-sized braids that are sure to be a conversation starter! Cost of the program is $18 and that includes all instruction and one ball of yarn. No knitting experience is necessary and seating is limited, so make sure to RSVP.  Contact Becky at (740-974-6365) or email at [email protected] to reserve your spot!

Saturday, February 8th 10am
Tapping of the Maples

Have you ever wondered where the yummy sweet syrup comes from when it’s time for pancakes and waffles? Stop on over at the Naturalist Cabin at Old Man’s cave to learn all about the process of maple tapping, and how they turn sticky tree sap into that delicious maple syrup we all know and love! Get hands on maple tapping experience as the Naturalist guides you on how to perfectly tap and collect that sticky and delicious maple syrup!

Saturday, February 8th 5pm
Nightlife of Wildlife

Stop on over at Lake Hope State Park to join in on this educational event FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! Make sure to bring along your sense of humor for this 3 part event discussing the ins and outs of sex in the animal kingdom! Each  month, the naturalists at Lake Hope will focus on one part of the puzzle of animal copulation. The first session is Attraction, and focuses on
how to find a partner, reproductive strategies, and flirting to seal the deal. Think mating dances and the wooing and courting process. Make sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss the next 2 sessions, The Act on March 6th, and The Aftermath on April 4th. They are leaving no stone unturned for this humorous and educational event.

Sunday, February 9th 6-7:30pm
Full Moon Hike at Lake Hope State Park

Meet up at the parking lot by the Shelter House (just past the beach) at Lake Hope State Park to join in on this short night hike by moonlight. If you’ve never been to Hocking Hills, with its minimal light pollution, you may be surprise at how brightly the full moon will glow to light your way! On this 2 mile hike you will learn about Ohio’s unique nocturnal wildlife and a bit about Lake Hope State Park. You may bring along a flash light, but the goal is to let your eyes adjust to the dark, so try to use any lights sparingly.

That’s about it for this week! Check back soon for more Hocking Hills updates!