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Whats Happening in Hocking Hills January 5th-17th | Cherry Ridge Retreat

By January 10, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments
Rockhouse of Hocking Hills, cave opening

We made it! Past Christmas and winter holidays, New Years has come and gone and now we’re back at it in 2020! A whole new decade to explore and grow through, and a perfect time to come visit the beautiful Hocking Hills! If you haven’t been yet, lets make 2020 the year of exploration! And of course we are happy to fill you in on the best cabins to stay in, and the best activities to hit up while you’re in the area!

Saturday, January 11th 10am
Wonders of Old Man’s Cave

Have you ever been to Old Man’s Cave? Likely the most popular site in Hocking Hills, Old Man’s Cave is known for it’s unique rock features and stunning views. Join us at the Naturalist Cabin at Old Man’s Cave to learn a bit about the rock formations in the park, as well as fun facts on the history of Old Man’s Cave and Hocking Hills State Park!  Make sure to dress warm, as there will be  a short hike!

Sunday, January 11th 1pm
Skulls and Claws

Another session at Old Man’s Cave Naturalist Cabin. Stop by to learn about the various critters that call Hocking Hills home! And learn about how the State Park Naturalists are able to identify what kind of bones various creatures leave behind.

Sunday, January 12th 3pm
Rhonda Vincent & The Rage at Stuarts Opera House

If NPR’s Bluegrass Sundays get your foot tapping every time, you need to stop by Stuarts Opera House in Nelsonville and witness this incredible show. Rhonda Vincent has released 24 albums and has toured with stars such as Dolly Parton and George Jones and her show in Nelsonville is sure to impress. The Queen of Bluegrass will be in town, make sure you stop and check out the show! Tickets are $34 at the door.

Saturday, January 18th
55th Annual Hocking Hills Winter Hike

Bundle up and head on over to Old Man’s cave to join this winter tradition! For 55 years now folks have been coming to hike the trails in winter, a perfect opportunity to grab some bragging rights! Tag along on this great wintertime hike from Old Man’s Cave to Ash Cave (approx 6 miles in total!) There is a continual start time from 9-11am, so don’t sweat it if you’re running a bit late! Logan Kiwanis Club famous bean soup and cornbread muffins will be served at Cedar Falls, and donations are appreciated!

That’s about it for this week! Check back soon for more Hocking Hills updates!