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Whats Happening In Hocking Hills May 6th-12th | Cherry Ridge Retreat

By May 4, 2019May 4th, 2022No Comments


Hocking Hills is really coming to life here lately. From the newborn goslings to the every blooming trees and flowers, springtime really has a way of bringing new life and energy to the area!

This week we are going to do a Focus on Athens! Athens is the home of the beautiful Ohio University, during the school year it can be busy with the hustle and bustle of student life. But now that the students have gone home for summer, Athens has a chance to slows down a bit. Since Athens is only a 30 minutes drive from your Cherry Ridge Retreat cabin, why not check out some of these great spots and events this week!


This week in Athens:

Strouds Run State Park

Smaller and less well known that the other state parks in the region, Strouds Run is a little known secret in Athens Ohio! With several hiking trails, open swim at the lake and even kayak and canoe rentals, you’ll never run out of things to do!

While you’re at it, maybe give a shot at hunting some mushrooms! Morels are out and growing like crazy this year. We have had a lot of luck finding them even on our own property! (See attached picture) A departing guest just this past week mentioned they found some morels growing right near their cabin, fried them up and had themselves a nice dinner, grown right off the land! That’s the perk when your cabin is on 140 acres and has 5+ miles of hiking trails, you’ve got plenty of space explore and see what you can discover!

Saturday May 11th

The Athens Food Truck Festival! 2-6pm

If you’ve ever spent a weekend in Athens, one thing you’re sure to notice are the food trucks! The famous Burrito Buggy, OMG Chicken, Tornado Potato and more can typically be found at their usual stations near College Green. Well this Friday, Athens’ famous food trucks are coming together to give us a real taste of Athens’ favorite late night munchies! From 2-6pm, swing by 94 Columbus Road to check out the local flavor of Athens. There will be live music and locally brewed beer and drinks to enjoy, stop on by!

Sunday May 12th

Walking Tour of the Historic Athens Asylum 2-4pm

Sunday you can learn a bit about the fascinating (and spooky!) history of the Historic Athens Asylum! Enjoy a walking tour of Ohio’s famous Athens Asylum for the Insane. Originally opened in 1874, the hospital grounds consisted of ponds, gardens and fountains, in which the patients worked. The beautiful scenic ground were thought to help patients recover their mental heath and keep patients to contribute to the running of the grounds. The hospital closed in 1993 and was purchased by Ohio University. They now offer guided tours of the gorgeous property and there is now an art music on the ground as well! Be sure to keep a look out for any paranormal activity,  local stories of hauntings and ghost sightings on the grounds are not uncommon! Price for the 2 hour tour is $20, just call the Southeast Ohio History Center at 740-592-2280 to reserve your tickets!

And just in case you get a little tense during the asylum tour, why not have a nice relaxing in-cabin massage to calm your nerves! Our massages take place righ in your Cherry Ridge Retreat cabin, so you don’t have to worry about going anywhere. Plus, you can keep in mind that unlike the 150 year history of the Athens Asylum, Cherry Ridge Retreat cabins are only 15 years old or younger, so no need to worry about any hauntings while you’re here! ?


There you have it! That is this week in Hocking Hills, Athens edition!

As always, stop by next time for more up to date info on events and happenings here in the beautiful Hocking Hills!