Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

We pride ourselves in our efforts to take care of our forests and green spaces.

Here at Cherry Ridge Retreat, we are committed to protecting and maintaining our 140 acres of wooded forests, lively ponds, and rolling hills. Creating a safe and sustainable environment for our wildlife and native pollinators is important to us!

We're sure you will find that our beautiful, natural surroundings and outdoor spaces are just as restorative as the luxury of your 5-star cabin at Cherry Ridge Retreat!

Wildlife habitat and green space

We're dedicated to keeping our property clean and protected, not just for ourselves, but for the surrounding wildlife. It's not unusual for our guests to spot deer grazing in the early mornings, and they aren’t as timid as you might think; they’ve come to know Cherry Ridge as a safe place to call home. Other commonly spotted wildlife includes foxes, owls, raccoons, woodpeckers, and more!

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling System at The Observatory

Our geothermal HVAC system at the Observatory Cabin saves energy in the winter by utilizing the heat from deep within the earth to warm and heat the home. In the summer, the system absorbs the heat from the home and carries it underground to cool, while pulling up the cold water from below to cool the air for the AC. Since this system pulls its energy from the earth, it uses up to 40% less energy than a conventional system. Geothermal heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool a home, and we’re thrilled to be able to utilize this system to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Tree Farm Installation with over 200 Trees Planted

Forest Stewardship Program

We are proud participants of the US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Stewardship Program through 2031. Under this program, we are provided guidance and resources to manage our woodlands, with the goal of keeping them healthy and productive now and in the future. For more information, please visit their website by clicking here.

EV Charger

Cherry Ridge Retreat now features a dual-port ChargePoint EV Charge Station at the front office—the first EV universal charger in Hocking Hills! Supporting electric vehicles and charging stations is just one of the many ways we're contributing to a sustainable future.

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Reduction Efforts

  • Improved insulation and energy monitoring in each cabin to reduce energy and gas use
  • Smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles are used on  property to reduce fuel consumption
  • All cabins come standard with Energy Star appliances and electronics to reduce energy emissions
  • Enhanced wildlife habitat and reduced mowing equipment emissions by reducing the number of acres mowed
  • 100% LED lighting and automatic timers throughout property allow for a reduction in wasted energy
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Image for Cherry Ridge Retreat

Working with NRCS to make native pollinator spaces on property.

We collaborated with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), an agency of the US Department of Agriculture, to create multiple plots of native pollinator habitats throughout our property. Guests will see beautiful wildflower plots while our pollinators will see opportunity! This is just one of our many efforts to support the ecosystem.