Creating the Cherry Ridge Experience at Home
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Thu, April 09, 2020 | Russ K.

With all this downtime during Ohio’s Stay at Home Mandate, we hope everyone is doing their best to relax and stay healthy and happy! And while that can be difficult during such an uncertain time, we thought we would put together a little guide with some self-care tips, to help you recreate the magical relaxing feelings that come hand-in-hand with a Cherry Ridge Retreat getaway! So even though you might not be able to come stay with us Right Now, remember some of the things that make Cherry Ridge Retreat one of those experiences you just keep coming back to!

How to achieve your Cherry Ridge getaway at home:

-Disconnect for a Night-

While we do offer the option to connect to wifi, a number of our guests love taking the opportunity to unplug from the wifi, social media, work emails, from all of it! Take a night to completely disconnect. There’s never a better time to play cards or a board game, or just TALK and reconnect with one another! When was the last time you had your phones away for a whole evening?

-Set the Mood-

If you’ve ever stayed with us here at Cherry Ridge Retreat, you’ll know that we are all about setting the tone for our guests. When our guests arrive at their cabin, they are greeted with soft romantic music playing, and a few warm lights lit throughout the cabin. Recreate this at home, by playing Siruis XM’s Love station, or just put on some of your favorite relaxing music! As for the lighting, turn off that harsh overhead light! Maybe light a few candles at home, recreate the warm glow of your Cherry Ridge cabin fireplace.

-Relax in the Tub-

Our hot tubs are hands down the most popular amenity that we offer. Especially when you consider the privacy and great views offered from each cabins hot tub, you really can’t blame our guests for Loving their time in our hot tubs! Now, if you happen to be fortunate enough to have your own hot tub, you’re all set! If not, why not try the next best thing, and treat yourself to a nice relaxing bubble bath. Get your favorite bath bombs ready to go, get some bubbles going, maybe even bring in the candles from the last step.  Run that water and enjoy yourself a nice hot bubbly tub. If you really want it to feel like a night at Cherry Ridge, maybe even put this sound-scape on in the background. Maybe it’s not quite the same, but it’ll make do till we can get you on the books!

-Make S’mores!-

Many of our guests love to take advantage of the outdoor firepit outside their cabin, and where there is a campfire, there are s’mores! So! Get outside and build a campfire, if your city allows it. If building a fire is not possible, you can always do the next best thing, fire up that microwave! Simply place one half of your graham cracker in your microwave, topped with a square of chocolate and marshmallow. Microwave for 15 seconds or until the marshmallow puffs up. Top with the other half of graham cracker and enjoy. Bon appetite! 😉

While none of these really compare to a getaway at our 5 star cabins, we hope it does a little something to ease the tensions and remind us that good times are ahead! Don’t forget how important self-care is, especially during stressful times. We can’t wait to welcome you all back soon, stay safe and start planning that future getaway!