Unique Stained Glass Artwork at Cherry Ridge Retreat
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Sun, March 20, 2022 | Raya W.

Here at Cherry Ridge Retreat, we believe that uniqueness and luxury go hand in hand. Each of our cabins has their own unique features and highlights, all while maintaining the same level of upscale luxury. 

Our hand-made, one-of-a-kind stained glass windows are one of our favorite special features and one you won’t find anywhere else!

Where can you see our one-of-a-kind stained glass?

Ravine’s Edge Stained Glass Shower 

Ravine’s Edge is one of our Romantic Luxury Cabins, and if you haven’t stayed here yet, you’re missing out!  In addition to the new outdoor fireplace and hot tub, Ravine’s Edge has a beautiful stained glass window that is the backdrop for the dual head, all glass shower. This window is also visible from the master bedroom and can be backlit at night. You don’t want to miss this! Learn more about Ravine's Edge.

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Observatory Stained Glass Shower

The Observatory is another one of our Romantic Luxury Cabins, known for its private pool, hot tub, plunge pool and open shower. One wall of the open shower houses this beautiful stained glass window, which only adds to the one-of-a-kind experience you will have at Cherry Ridge Retreat. Learn More about the Observatory.

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Two Stained Glass Windows at the Lake House Gazebo

The Lake House Lodge, one of our Luxury Family Cabins, houses our last two pieces of stained glass. The Lake House not only has a brand new, year-round, outdoor, private plunge pool and gazebo, but it also has a pond with a second private gazebo just out back. This gazebo holds two of our smaller stained glass windows, and when backlit by the evening sunset, they give off a gorgeous, warm glow that you won’t want to miss. Learn more about The Lake House.

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The Story Behind the Stained Glass

This stained glass is a personal touch from Cherry Ridge Retreat founder and owner, Greg Georgia. Each of our stained glass pieces were designed and made by Greg right here on the property! We take great pride in our personal touches and unique features, and we hope you enjoy them!

How were they made?
Each piece was created by hand right here on our property.  The process starts with slabs of glass measuring 10″ x 8″ which are fractured on an anvil using a carbide tipped chipping hammer. The pieces are then arranged in a form that is sized to fit a window opening. Unlike cut glass, fractured glass produces irregular shapes and sizes and so the completed “window” isn’t meant to necessarily be anything specific. This is where the creativity comes in! Next, a two part epoxy is poured in, which cures to the consistency of hardened concrete. Once the piece is fully dried, it’s mounted into the window openings, lights are installed to backlight from the outside, and the rest is history.

If you haven’t visited Cherry Ridge Retreat yet, we hope you will! In addition to the stained glass windows, you will find charming decor, crackling fireplaces, in-cabin massage, heated pools, private sauna, on-property hiking trails and more! Learn more about our cabins and to find which cabin is perfect for you, click here.