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The Arts

Enjoy the finer things. Hocking Hills has an abundance of arts and crafts for you to enjoy.
Stuarts Opera House

Stuarts Opera House

History in downtown square!

Built as a theater in 1897, this stunning historical building opened as an Opera House, where the top acts of the day were booked! The Opera House was open for operation until 1927, when business slowed due to the decline of the local coal business. In the 1970s, the building was bought by the Hocking Valley Museum of Theatrical History, and was reopened for modern day theater! Shows and concerts are always being added to the lineup, so make sure to check out the Stuart Opera House website to learn about upcoming shows!

  • 52 Public Square, Nelsonville, OH 45764
  • Only a 25 Minute drive from from Cherry Ridge Retreat!

Visit their Website 740-753-1924

Tecumseh Outdoor Drama

Tecumseh Outdoor Drama

Drama and action, under the night sky!

If you’re visiting Hocking Hills in the warmer months, make sure you check out Tecumseh! A summertime tradition, this breathtaking outdoor historical drama is a must-see event. Seated beneath the stars, get lost as the story-line unfolds all around you. Horses galloping right past you as enjoy the most exciting theater show you will ever experience!

Reserve your tickets online here.

  • 5968 Marietta Rd, Chillicothe, OH 45601
  • 51 Minute drive from Cherry Ridge Retreat

Visit their Website (740) 775-0700

Columbus Washboard Company

Columbus Washboard Company

Appalachian History! 

Go visit the only Washboard factory left in America! A fun and handy piece of history, or a fun unique instrument for your new rockabilly band! In addition to washboards, you can also purchase other relics of the past, handmade soap bars, kazoos, and even a One-Man-Band instrument, with the washboard, bell, spoons, cowbell and woodblock!

  • 14 Gallagher Ave, Logan, OH 43138
  • 22 Minute drive from Cherry Ridge Retreat

Visit their Website (740) 380-3828

Hocking House

Hocking House

Hocking House- Fine Craft Gallery & Art Gardens

Hocking House is quaint art gallery housed within a 150 year old log cabin! The gallery primarily features art from the owner, Logan-based potter Jean Magdich. The Hocking House and gardens feature countless pieces, from ceramic stepping stones, bird baths and garden art, to delicate porcelain sculptures! There is so much to see, go check them out!

  • 29580 Big Pine Rd #9078, Logan, OH 43138
  • 20 Minute drive from Cherry Ridge Retreat

Visit their Website (740) 385-4166

Jack Pine Studio

Jack Pine Studio

A Hocking Hills must see!

Jack Pines studio is a gorgeous spot to make while you’re in the beautiful Hocking Hills. Jack Pine’s incredible hand-blown glass is on display with select pieces for sale at the studio. Occasional glass blowing classes and demonstrations are also offered, so make sure to check Jack Pine’s website to see when events are scheduled!

  • 21397 OH-180, Laurelville, OH 43135
  • 36 Minute drive from Cherry Ridge Retreat

Visit their Website (740) 332-2223