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Rappelling & Rock Climbing in Hocking Hills

Rock Climbing up and Rappelling down are great ways to get your workout in and explore Hocking Hills in a whole new, hands-on way!   Southeast Ohio is a perfect place for rocking climbing and rappelling, due to the many natural rock features located in the various state and national parks!

Hocking Hills Adventure Trek

      • [email protected]
      • 740.777.2579
  • Hocking Hill Adventure Treks offers a variety of options for your Rock climbing and Rappelling adventures, ranging from 2.5 hr into sessions to 5 hour combo packages! Everything you will need will be provided, including rock climbing shoes.
  • Climbing Treks will have you climbing real rocks and cliffsides, with trained and certified trainers directing you each step of the way.
  • Rappelling Treks are a great adrenaline rush, focusing on just ‘easy part’ or rock climbing, the dropping down!





Escape the everyday & find your extraordinary in the Hocking Hills

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