Rappelling & Rock Climbing in Hocking Hills

Rock Climbing up and Rappelling down are great ways to get your workout in and explore Hocking Hills in a whole new, hands-on way!   Southeast Ohio is a perfect place for rocking climbing and rappelling, due to the many natural rock features located in the various state and national parks!

Earth Water Rock: Outdoor Adventures

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      • http://www.ewroutdoors.com/earthwaterrock.html
  • Earth Water Rock offers: rock climbing, rappelling, kids kayaking,  stand up paddle-boarding.
  • Available as 3 hour standard trip or as a private guided half or full day adventure.  Full days can be a combination or climbing and rappelling.  
  • You’ll meet with your guide who will show you the equipment that will be used during your adventure, setting you up with a harness, helmet and climbing shoes. You’ll learn the necessary basic skills to become an efficient climber in no time. You’ll start off on some easy first climbs to learn the techniques, and once you get comfortable, you can advance to more difficult climbs.

Hocking Hills Adventure Trek

  • Hocking Hill Adventure Treks offers a variety of options for your Rock climbing and Rappelling adventures, ranging from 2.5 hr into sessions to 5 hour combo packages! Everything you will need will be provided, including rock climbing shoes.
  • Climbing Treks will have you climbing real rocks and cliffsides, with trained and certified trainers directing you each step of the way.
  • Rappelling Treks are a great adrenaline rush, focusing on just ‘easy part’ or rock climbing, the dropping down!





Escape the everyday & find your extraordinary in the Hocking Hills

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