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Where to Zipline in Hocking Hills?

Pulse Racing, Zipping along the tree-tops. The most exhilarating way to experience the Hocking Hills!

 Believe it or not, ziplining has been around for hundreds of years. Originally used as an easy mode of transportation in mountainous and other hard-to-traverse regions, it has evolved into the adventurous canopy tours that we know today!

Valley Zipline Tours


Valley Zipline offers 3 courses:

  • Main Tour
  • Tree Top Tour (Shorter version, made up to the first 6 lines of the main course)
  • Children’s Mini Zip

Main line is 1.5 hours of zipline adventure!

To start off your ziplining experience, you’ll begin with ‘ground school’ for safety and technique training. Then you’re on to the lines! After the first lines getting comfortable with the equipment, we move on to the more unique lines:

  • The Dual Racer line! Two side by side lines for the competitive types in the group.
  • Signature line. Zip at speeds up to 50mph race across the entire course, 1400 ft in length!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours


Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

3 hour fun filled adventure for all ages! 

  • Original tour
  • Extreme “X-tour”
  • The Superzip (speeds up to 50 MPH!)
  • Moonshine zip 
  • Dragonfly, a line for the kids!

After you select your tour, you are walked through some safety training and orientation, where they teach you how to zip on a low practice line. And from there, your adventure begins!

It doesn’t just stop at ziplines! Canopy tours also offers Off-Road Segway Adventures and Climb & Rappel packages!





Escape the everyday & find your extraordinary in the Hocking Hills

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