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Mon, February 01, 2021 | Raya W.

You’ve booked your trip to Hocking Hills, now what is there to do that is safe and socially distanced?

Horseback Riding

There are multiple great spots to get some fresh air on horseback! Enjoy exploring the Hocking Hills from the back of a horse! Rides are in small groups or can be private depending on where you book. A perfect option for families or a romantic ride on the trails.


In response to Covid-19 and in order to follow safety guidelines, multiple trails in the State Parks have been adapted to be one-way hiking, in order to allow for less exposure to any possible contagions.  Better yet, book your stay at Cherry Ridge Retreat to enjoy our 5+ miles of private on-property trails!

Picnic at the Parks

Pack up a nice picnic and have a lunch surrounded by nature and fresh air! Each of the parks has excellent locations to pull out and enjoy a picnic, or head over to Lake Hope State Park, which features multiple picnic areas. Or you can skip packing a meal, Lake Hope also features some great take out options at the Lake Hope Lodge!


As the weather warms up, canoeing will be a perfect activity to enjoy while still maintaining your social distance. Given our location right by the Hocking River, there are plenty of great places where you can rent a canoe, with multiple trips to choose from, depending on how long you’d like to float for!

Relax in your Private and Distanced Cherry Ridge Cabin!

Each of our Luxury cabins is situated on a private lot on our 140 acres. With ‘Built-In Social Distance’ and our 100 step cleaning process, our cabins are a safe and luxurious option in the Hills. Each of our cabins feature a private hot tub, plus extra amenities, including private sauna, massage chairs, private pool, stained glass murals and more! We have options for couples and families alike, take a look at our cabins today!